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About Us

Who We Are

We are a leading developer of subsea technology mostly related to mooring and anchoring of floating offshore wind and marine renewable energy generating platforms. We employ a diverse team of mechanical, geotechnical, ocean, and systems engineers, and business development specialists to create innovative technological solutions and implement them in the commercial market. Triton retains significant talent in the areas of mechanical engineering, mooring design, geotechnical engineering, and offshore maritime subsea construction. Triton is a Business Network for Offshore Wind Leadership Members, and a part of the Floating Offshore Wind Working Group.

Our Mission

Our Goals


Provide local economy and environmental benefits


Alleviate energy transition obstacles


Inspire the next generation of innovators

Unlocking the energy of the ocean by providing cost-effective and ecologically mindful anchoring solutions

Triton Anchor’s mission is to responsibly unlock the energy of the ocean by providing cost-effective and ecologically mindful anchoring solutions for floating offshore wind technologies.


Our organization is made up of ocean, geotechnical, and mechanical engineers, entrepreneurs, and business development personnel with backgrounds in innovation and specialize in commercialization. The team has proven expertise in transitioning new ocean and marine systems technologies into the commercial market, such as the Triton Anchor.

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About Triton Systems, Inc.

Triton Systems, Inc. is a high-technology development small business firm founded in 1992 that develops advanced technologies for commercial, industrial, and Government applications. Our offices and laboratory facilities are located in the town of Chelmsford, MA, where we have been since our founding. In January 2021, Triton relocated its headquarters and laboratories to 46,000 sq feet of completely remodeled space within the town of Chelmsford.  Our 14 new laboratories and development centers enable a full spectrum of in-house operations in ocean systems, sensors, composites, acoustics, robotics, optics, assembly and test, ergonomics, virtual reality, chemistry, and biology. 

Triton Systems provides solutions for challenging problems faced by the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Institute of Health, and commercial firms, working with them to transition ideas into highly effective commercial solutions. Triton has an extensive track record of transitioning technology into successful products and businesses via licensing, joint ventures, and spinoff companies. Over the past decade, Triton has spun out more than a dozen companies, several going public, demonstrating the value the company brings to federal research, while also creating more than $4B in value for investors. A few of Triton’s successful spinouts include Aduro Biotech (, FRX Polymers (, Fluence (, and Sensera ( Triton is recognized for SBIR commercialization leadership having been selected, in 2017, for the prestigious Tibbets award by the Small Business Administration. Awardees are chosen based on long-term socio-economic impact, diversity, and successful commercial transition of federally sponsored research. Triton Anchor is a spin-off of Triton Systems. Triton Anchor is focused on offshore wind solutions.


Meet the TEAM behind Triton

Contact our team to learn how we can collaborate and support your project!

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